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Upcoming Events at OKC
January Obedience/Rally Trial 1/13-14-2018
January Agility Trial 1/25-27/2019
B-OB Fun Match - 3/10/18
April Agility Trial - 4/7-9/17
Spring All Breed Dog Show 5/19-20/18
May Obedience/Rally Trial 5/19-20/2018
Canine Good Citizen Test & Trick Dog Test 3/24/18
July Obedience/Rally Trial 7/14-17/15/18
October Agility Trial - 10/19-21/18
October Obedience/Rally Trial 10/27-28/18
November Agility Trial 11/2-4/18
December Obedience/Rally Trial 12/16-17/17

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Dog Shows

Agility Trials Obedience Trials Rally Trials
May Show January Agility January Obedience January Rally
April Agility May Obedience May Rally
October Agility July Obedience July Rally
  November Agility October Obedience October Rally
Fun Match Agility Trial Results December Obedience December Rally
Fun Match

Premium List

Canine Good Citizen Test & Trick Dog Test Seminars
  Other Trials at OKC
  Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club   - February         Doberman Club Agility Trial - February   Doberman Club Agility Trial December & February
  Northern Flyway GRC Agility Trial -May & August  
 WDC Agility Trial - August  WDC Agility Trial - December
  Agility Show Dates at OKC

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