The Oshkosh Kennel Club sponsors training classes open to the general public. These classes are available for owners of both purebred and mixed breed dogs. This page should answer a few of the most commonly asked questions about obedience, agility, conformation and rally training and to give you an overview of the classes.




People train their dogs for a variety of reasons…to make them better companions, to make them better behaved household members, to have fun, or to compete in Obedience, Agility, Rally or Conformation shows.  The Oshkosh Kennel Club has something to offer for any reason you want to train your dog.




Our class instructors place emphasis on teaching you to teach your dog the correct behavior.  We believe in positive reinforcement….REWARD for good behavior and CORRECTION for unacceptable behavior….not PUNISHMENT.  Teaching your dog acceptable behaviors makes it a much more pleasant companion for you, your family and friends.






Basic Puppy Manners – This class is for dogs 8 weeks to 6 months old to. They will learn how walk on a leash, come when called, and basic commands: sit, down, stay & stand. This class provides you the opportunity to learn about caring for your puppy, general grooming common to all dogs, and an opportunity to discuss your puppy problems with an experienced puppy trainer.


Pet Obedience – This class is for people who want to learn the basics necessary for training their dogs to be well behaved at home and in the community.  You will learn how to train your dog to heel (walk by your side on a leash), sit, down, stay, stand and come when called.  This class is for dogs at least 6 months of age.  Each class usually has 2 instructors to give class members personalized attention.


Intermediate Obedience – This class is for people who wish to go beyond the basics.  In this class you will learn more about training, handling your dog, and the class exercises, including off leash work, in preparation for competing at the Novice level.  This class is recommended for people who want to become involved in Obedience competitions, but is open for anyone who wants more experience in training their dog.  Graduation from the Pet Obedience class is required for admission to this class.  Instructors are experienced Obedience competitors.


Competition Obedience– is open to dogs/handlers that have either completed the pet obedience class and are interested in going on to train their dog for competition, or to experienced handlers (those who had previously titled dogs) and are interested in competing with their new dog.  We would look to achieve focused heeling, working with distractions, and games/tricks to teach the dog to have a fun time doing their obedience work, plus consistent information to the dog. We will learn set up for the ring, teaching your dog how to enter the ring without disconnecting from the handler.  At the end, the participants would have tools for their toolbox that would allow them to have a biddable working partner in obedience competition.

Obedience Handling– This class is for people who are starting to compete with third dogs in obedience. The instructor will go over common handling errors that occur in the completion ring. The participant will get personal evaluations and helpful tips on how to correct any handling errors they may have done. The instructor will also help participant’s fill out paperwork to enter a show, and when possible be available at the show for moral support, and questions. Graduation from the Intermediate class is required for admission to this class. 


Novice/Open/Utility Obedience – This class is for ‘members only’ who wish to polish their skills in anticipation of competing in the Novice, Open, or Utility level at Obedience Trials.  Participants work at their own pace independently, some group exercises are provided.





Foundations Agility In this class, students will learn how to build drive and motivation through play. Handlers and dogs will have fun while learning agility foundation skills and building a positive relationship. Handlers will learn how to train reliable recalls and handling skills such as the Get Out, Push, Pull, Front and Rear crosses. Training with targets and teaching rear end awareness with minimal equipment will also be discussed. Participants should be prepared to have a good time while learning foundation skills for agility.

Introduction to Obstacles – This class is for people interested in starting in agility.  Participants must have graduated from the Pet Obedience class.  The goal of this class is for students & dogs to become comfortable with the agility equipment.  Most work is done on lead.  Experienced agility handlers will guide students in learning safe techniques for all the obstacles.


Sequencing – This class is for people who have completed the Intro to Obstacles class. Students will continue basic obstacle skills while learning to move from one obstacle to the next off leash. Basic maneuvering and handling skills necessary to direct their dogs through 3-4 obstacles at a time are taught.


Novice Agility This class is for people who want to prepare for agility competition at the Novice level and have completed Intro and Sequencing classes. Lessons from previous classes are incorporated into additional skills necessary for handler and dog to work as a team as they work on novice level courses.


Advanced Agility – This class is for people who have earned a Novice Agility title or are experienced agility competitors who have trained their dogs to the intermediate level.  This class will focus on incorporating information from the previous classes and preparing the student and dog for advanced agility competition.


Open/Excellent/Masters Agility This class is for ‘members only’ who wish to polish their skills in anticipation of competing in the Open, Excellent, or Master level at Obedience Trials.  Participants work at their own pace independently, some group exercises are provided.







Beginning Rally – Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing. The canine team moves at their own pace; moving from “station” to “station”. Rally was designed with the traditional pet owner in mind, but it can still be very challenging for those who enjoy higher levels of competition. Students must have graduated from the Pet Obedience class.  At the conclusion of the Novice class, students will be prepared to show in Rally at the Novice level. Advanced class exercises are introduced for those going on in Rally.


Advanced/ Excellent Rally – This class will focus on how to teach and follow through with the advanced and Excellent Rally signs. The class will be primarily done off lead. Graduation from the Beginning Rally class is required for admission to this class. 





Conformation – This class is for people who are interested in showing their pure bred dogs in breed competition.  Emphasis is placed on making dogs comfortable with ring procedures and other dogs.  Experienced conformation handlers offer instruction in proper techniques to help you show your dog to their best potential.





Tricks – This is an exciting new class being offered, that’s sure to be a lot of fun. The class will teach you how to train your dog to do a variety of fun tricks.


Therapy Dog 411 - In this class you will learn how to become a therapy dog team and will learn what you need to know as a handler. The class will go over the rules for Therapy Dogs Inc., practice skills your dog will need to know,  role play, and do a mock visits. You must have your CGC or have passed intermediate obedience or the equivalent. This is a 6 week class.



All standard vaccinations are required prior to admission to these classes. The vaccination Bordatella is recommended (puppies are required to have vaccinations appropriate for their age at the start of classes). Aggressive dogs will be excused from classes if the problems cannot be corrected. For more information please contact our Training Director – Alissa Eichman okctrain@gmail.com